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Annapolis Music Therapy is now offering mental health services for teens and adults in a person-centered, music-centered, and trauma-informed approach to address your emotional needs.
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Music Therapy for Mental Health Care

Utilizing Supportive and Creative Experiences to Support Your Journey to Wellness

Music is an experience that many of us instinctually use for our overall well-being. Our team of board-certified music therapists honors your own established relationship with music as a means to increase coping, encourage safe emotional processing, and promote a sense of empowerment.

What does mental-health focused music therapy look like?

  • Music-Assisted Mindfulness techniques to encourage mind-body connections for increased coping

  • Song and Lyric Discussions to anchor safe verbal processing of your lived experience

  • Song Writing to reinforce thematic content of emotional experience

  • Active Music Making and Improvisation to experience catharsis and nonverbal support


Annapolis Music Therapy Services offers an introductory session package:

$255 for three, 45-minute Individual Sessions

So that you can explore if music therapy is the right fit for you or your loved one.

*regular rates ($105 per 45 mins, $140 per 60 mins) will apply after introductory session package*

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